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Looking for a quick way to remove background and make a logo transparent?

Fotor’s AI logo background remover is here to help!

With just one click, you'll have a high-quality transparent logo ready for download. Try it out now!

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Remove background from logo

Make Logo Transparent With Just a Click

There are many advantages to having a transparent logo. A great benefit is that you can add logo to photo without worrying about the background color. To remove background from logo, simply upload your logo picture and leave the rest to Fotor. Fotors AI background remover will automatically detect the logo and extract it from the background. The process is fast and simple, saving your a lot of time and effort.

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Make logo transparent to use for different purposes

Remove Logo Background Without Losing Quality

With Fotor's automatic logo background remover, you'll be able to cut out your logo from the surrounding background precisely with all finer details preserved. In just seconds, you’ll have a high-quality transparent PNG logo for use in business cards, presentations, T-shirts and any other assets you want.

Make Logo Transparent Now
Change logo background

Change Logo Background in a Breeze

Don’t like the plain white background of your logo? Fotor lets you remove white background and replace it with something new in an instant! You can change background color or add an image to create a new backdrop for your logo. What’s more, you can change the logo size, apply a ton of adjustments to further enhance your logo and even make a totally new logo with Fotor's logo maker. The possibilities are endless.

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Remove background from any image

Quickly Remove Background From Any Picture

Fotor is more than just a logo background remover. You can easily remove background from signatures, portraits, animals, products, cars, real estate, icons, graphics, and a whole lot more. We've got you covered for any image with the same high-precision cutouts and high-quality outputs.

Make Logo Transparent Now

How to Make a Logo Background Transparent?

  • Click the button "Make Logo Transparent Now".
  • Find the "Background Remover" in the tools menu on the left. Then, upload or drag and drop your logo from your computer.
  • Fotor will remove background from logo automatically.
  • Resize, rotate, and crop your logo, or add a new background if needed.
  • Download your transparent PNG logo in a high-quality format.
Make Logo Transparent Now

Remove Background From Logo Flawlessly and Effortlessly

Make Logo Transparent Now