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Blur Image to focus on the subject and grab attention with Fotor free blur tool.

Easily blur background or part of an image in one click with professional photo blurring.

Blur woman with bag image with fotor blur tool
Blur woman image with circle blur tool and linear blur tool

Different Shapes Blur Effect to Choose From

Bring more focus on subject of image with blur effect. Fotor’s photo blur tool supports circular or linear blur tools for different shapes blurry pictures.

Adjusting the blurring area by dragging different shapes around. No matter what kind of blur effect you want, you can get satisfactory results with Fotor's photo blur tool.

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Adjust the circle blured man in forest with adjustment box

Easy to Adjust the Intensity of Blurry Photo

Adding blur to photo in different intensities has never been so easy with Fotor online blur tool. Our intuitive interface allows you to adjust the intensity of blurry pictures with precision.

Easy to experience the depths of blur effect for pictures with the slider, and makes your blurry photos stand out from the crowd.

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Blur shoes image and add some text into image

Spotlight Your Object With Blurry Image

Blur background of photo is a great way to create stunning spotlight effect for product image. Get professional blurry background with just simple clicks using Fotor blur tool.

You can also add text to your photos along with graphics and add effects to create beautiful, professional-quality blurry images for all your business and personal needs.

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Blur color circle image into blurry and add photo and text on it

Create a Blur Background for Further Design

Create a blurry background to blend with other designs to create stunning masterpieces. Fotor's image blur tool helps you quickly create a blurred image as a creative background, providing a unique blurred background for text, product photography, or wallpaper. You can also use blur effect with other tools and design elements to create a variety of looks and styles.

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Blur lady image on phone and computer

Make Photo Blurring Even on the Go

Fotor provides blur App for blur image anytime and anywhere. Whether it's an unexpected situation or a bright idea, you can finish your image-blurring edits instantly!

Once you sign in to your Fotor account, you have unlocked a smart interactive platform where your editing content and history can be synced across devices without transferring them to each other, smoothly completing your creations.

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Blur boy image with fotor photo blur tool

How to Blur a Picture?

  • Click “Blur Image Now” button to get started.
  • Click "Open Image" to upload your picture or directly drag your photo to the editing area.
  • Select the "Circular" blur tool or "Linear" blur tool to blur images.
  • Apply the blur effect, distorting and changing the blur area to maximize the effect.
  • When you finish, click the "Download" button to save your picture. There are PNG and JPG formats for you.
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