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Convert your photos into alluring art pieces online using the AI photo to sketch converter. Turn a photo into a line drawing that looks realistic and mesmerizing in seconds.

Convert a photo into a sketch right now and see the magic yourself!

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Turn Photo into Sketch Using AI Sketch Filters & Effects

a man with a hat
sketch man image
Sailboats at sea
sketching sailboats
a black and white cat
cat sketch
a man with a hat
Sailboats at sea
a black and white cat

Use our professionally crafted sketch filters and effects to give your photos a lifelike sketching look. Our easy-to-use online photo to sketch converter only takes a couple of seconds to turn a photo into an AI sketch drawing, with no manual editing. Whether you want to sketch faces, landscapes, or pets, Fotor has you covered!

Simply upload your photo, choose a sketch effect you like, and boom! Your sketch drawing is ready! So, try out the cutting-edge tool now and generate stunning artwork with AI in seconds.

Turn portrait photo into sketch

Turn Portrait Photo into Sketch - Pencil Portrait Sketch

Want a professional pencil portrait sketch and save time? Use our picture to drawing generator, effortlessly convert your picture into a sketch portrait drawing in a few simple steps. It’s not only fast but provides high-definition images as well. Sketching a person has never been easier!

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Convert landscape photo to sketch

Convert Landscape Photo to Sketch - Landscape Sketch

Using our image to sketch converter is incredibly easy. To turn a photo into a landscape sketch, pick a landscape drawing filter from the drawing art styles and it's done! The hue, saturation, and contrast levels are adjusted automatically to provide you with realistic sketches of the landscape.

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Turn a still life picture into a drawing

Turn a Still Life Picture into a Drawing - Still Life Sketch

A still-life sketch is a great way to turn your still-life drawing into an engaging and creative piece. Try converting your photo to pencil sketch online for free with the photo to sketch converter and look at the marvel it creates. Pick the still-life sketch effect and apply it to your image, let it process, and the next thing you will see is a gorgeous still-life sketch.

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Convert picture to ink sketch

Convert Picture to Ink Sketch

Fotor's powerful photo to sketch converter has an ink sketch filter for your stylish selfies and portraits. When you use an ink sketch filter, your image will get converted into handmade ink art. Fotor ensures that every image to sketch conversion is as perfect as you expect. The contrast, negative spaces, and highlight everything remains balanced during the conversion.

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How To Turn a Photo Into a Sketch

  • It is easy to convert your photo to pencil sketch. Firstly, click the button "Turn Photo into Sketch Now" to get started.
  • Upload a photo. You can upload a picture you want to convert into a sketch. The photo can be of anything like portraits, selfies, couple photos, abstracts, pets, and even landscapes. So, choose whatever you like. No limits here!
  • Choose a sketch effect. Once your image gets uploaded successfully, you can start browsing the filters library provided to you on the left side. You’ll find the sketch filter there, click on it and wait until it gets processed.
  • Download. After completing the processing of converting photo to sketch, you'll get the option to download it to your device. Fotor's image to sketch converter provides various save format, such as JPG and PNG.
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Convert Photo To Sketch In Minutes With Fotor

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