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With Fotor's AI image sharpener, you can sharpen images and enhance details in seconds.

Boost the quality of your photos and make them look sharp and clear easily.

Sharpen images online easily and quickly with Fotor's free AI image sharpener

AI-Powered Automatic Image Sharpener

A blurry image of a woman wearing red
A clear image of a woman wearing red sharpened by Fotor's image sharpener
A blurry still life photo
A clear still life image sharpened by Fotor's image sharpening tool
A blurry landscape image
A clear landscape image sharpened by Fotor's free online image sharpener
A blurry image of a woman wearing red
A blurry still life photo
A blurry landscape image

Can't figure out how to sharpen an image in Photoshop? You don't have to. With Fotor's image sharpening tool, you can sharpen images and unblur images online with no hassle. Using artificial intelligence, it automatically analyzes and sharpens images for you. With Fotor, you can recover intricate details and sharpen blurry images and create crisper photo edges in seconds. Effortlessly get rid of all blurs and softness in your pictures.

Edit image sharpness using Fotor's image sharpening tool

Edit Image Sharpness to Suit Taste

You can not only sharpen JPG and PNG images with Fotor's image sharpener, but also control how much sharpening should be applied to your pictures. Feel free to experiment with different levels of sharpening filter to find the best setting for your image. But be sure not to overdo it, too much sharpness will result in a very artificial and unnatural look.

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Make photo clear on the go using Fotor's image sharpener app

Make Pictures Clear on the Go With Photo Sharpening App

Enjoy a cross-platform experience with Fotor's image sharpener app. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices and is fairly easy to use. You can instantly sharpen your photos, remove blur and increase details wherever and whenever you want. The best part? It's free. Download and use Fotor app to make pictures clear right away.

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Enhance image sharpness with Fotor's built-in photo editing tools

More Powerful Editing Tools for Enhancing Image Sharpness

Fotor's photo sharpener provides an extensive array of photo editing tools that you can use to improve image quality and make it look more clear and crisp. Use them to adjust lighting, contrast and exposure, fine-tune color tone, remove haze and unwanted blurriness, upscale images and much more to make your pictures even sharper. It has never been easier to turn a blur image to clear image online.

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How to Sharpen an Image?

  • Using Fotor's AI online image sharpener, you can sharpen images quickly and easily. Click the "Sharpen Image Now" button on this page to open our tool.
  • Click "Open Image" to upload the image you want to sharpen to Fotor. You can upload anything from portraits and landscapes to pet images.
  • Then click the "AI Enlarger" tool, and Fotor will automatically sharpen the image. You'd have an enhanced and luculent image ready for download in just a few seconds.
  • After applying, you can further improve and fine-tune the picture. Click"Basic Adjust" to adjust settings like sharpness, contrast, brightness, saturation, and more. Customize the image to your taste.
  • When pleased with your sharpened image, click the “Download” icon to save it in high-resolution JPG and PNG file formats. That’s it!
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