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Fotor's circle cropper lets you crop image into circle in just one click.

It's 100% free. You can use it to make circular profile pictures and create as many circular pictures as you want.

Fotors free online circle cropper
Circle crop photos easily with Fotor's circle image cropper

Smart and Fast Circle Cropper

Fotor’s circle cropper makes it super easy to crop a circle in images. Simply upload your photo, click the circle crop tool, and you'll have a circular image in no time. You can also adjust the circle size and cropping area to get the best result. When everything looks good, click download to export the cropped image to your computer in high quality. It’s that simple!

Circle Crop Images Now
Crop image into circle in bulk

Crop Picture Into Circle in Bulk

No more manually cropping each image into a round image one by one. With Fotor's circular image cropper, you can batch crop multiple images into circles. By just clicking one button, all your pictures will be circle cropped at once. In addition, Fotor preserves the original quality of your pictures, so you never have to worry about quality loss.

Circle Crop Photos Now
Create circle profile pictures using Fotors circle crop tool

Create Circle Profile Pictures Effortlessly

Fotor's circle image cropper gives you everything you need to create a standout circle profile picture for social media! With just a few simple clicks, you can remove the image background of your profile picture and change the background into solid colors, patterns, and even a custom image. If you’d like to make your profile picture more attractive, you can use the PFP maker on Fotor to add text, colorful rounded borders and more. There are tons of photo editing options you can explore. Have fun!

Circle Crop Images Now
Create circular art with Fotor

Turn Your Rounded Images into Circular Art

Your circle cropped images can be transformed into impactful designs in a snap with Fotor. Explore a library of customizable circular design templates and choose the one you like to start editing. Remix the template with your own pictures and align them the way you like. You can add a little more personal touch by adding stickers, changing text, fonts, and colors, etc. Try out Fotor's circle cropper to take your circle photos to the next level.

Circle Crop Images Now
Crop images into custom shapes using Fotor

Go Beyond Circle Cropping

Don't limit yourself to cropping images into circular shapes. Fotor’s photo crop tool lets you cut out your image into a variety of shapes. From basic shapes like rectangles and squares to irregular shapes like stars, hearts, and alphabets, there are many kinds of shapes to choose from. Play around with different shapes to bring a new look to your photos.

Circle Crop Images Now

How to Crop a Picture Into a Circle?

  • It’s quick and easy to circle crop a picture using Fotor’s circle cropper. Simply click the "Circle Crop Images Now" button, then click "Open Image" to upload your image.
  • Click on "Crop" and select the circle crop frame to crop a circle in the photo.
  • Drag and drop to adjust the circle size and position. Also, you can add text, remove the background, and fine-tune the image even further using the built-in editing tools.
  • Once done, save and download your circular image in high-resolution PNG and JPG format. That's it!
Circle Crop Images Now

Circle Crop Images Online in Seconds

Circle Crop Images Now